It’s not often that I get to sit down and when I do, it’s usually on the computer for emails or to sew. This is my life these days, since I’m splitting time between growing my Etsy shop and this blog. The blog usually takes a back seat though and I’d like to change that.

In 2014 one of my intentions is to carve out more time to blog. Be that an hour each day or at the end of each weekend. I find myself aching to just get things out of my head and not for business/SEO purposes, but because I truly love to write and share.

It’s funny because I give out advice to female entrepreneurs about mentorship and accountability, when in reality I need my own accountability partner for this blog! (Anyone interested?)

Friday Reflection: In Life You Can Have More Than One Title

After attending a couple panel discussions and networking events during this month I started thinking a lot about who I am.
Not in the esoteric-why-am-I-on-Earth way, but my title.

Why do titles matter?
Well for one, they give you context about a person. When you first meet, a title can help frame the conversation. It can also help to provide a sense of connection or community.
Titles make you memorable and unforgettable. Especially when you have an odd title like ‘Digital Futurist’ or  ‘Pet Relocation Case Worker.’
Earlier this week I was honored as a guest on the Young Female Entrepreneurs live webTV show where I got to talk about My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide.
Wouldn’t you know, I was up half the night before trying to craft the perfect title and bio!
Ultimately, I settled on this:

“Andrea Genevieve Michnik is a blogger, speaker, podcaster, crafter, mom and social media/business strategist based in Austin, TX”

You see, I couldn’t choose just one title.
At the end of the day I really am more than just one type of person. I have a lot of roles and interests and I shouldn’t feel pressure to conform to being ONE type of person.

The more I thought about it, I realized that it’s because we are all fascinating people with amazing stories and interests and never just ONE thing.  

Even my son- he isn’t just a toddler. He’s also a son, a nephew, a classmate, a grandchild and a friend. Six different titles and he’s only a year and a half old!

How To Choose Your Title

Choose your title based on what feels right to you. Maybe you don’t have a title, or maybe you have many. It may vary from situation to situation, but know deep down that a title isn’t forever.

If you’ve been reading this blog then you know earlier this month I launched my first product. It felt so good to know I created something that actually helps other women, aside from just myself!
That day I launched I was an Entrepreneur with a capital “E.”
But, the next day I spent 6 hours at my sewing machine. That day I was a Crafter.

When I’m not sewing or blogging or hosting workshops, I go out to networking events and dread when someone asks, “What do you do?” I never know what to say. I usually settle on explaining where I spend my time, which sounds something like this: “I’m a lot of things so I don’t really have one title. But, right now I’m working on building an Etsy shop, I blog about social media and business for female entrepreneurs and I’m a Mom.”

The last part sometimes throws people.

I’m a young mom, I get that and maybe because I used to have a big awesome career people don’t expect me to include Mom as my current title. But honestly, right now I’m really proud of my title as ‘Mom’ and like DT says, “It’s the most important job you’ve ever had.”
He’s right.

Unemployment has taught me a lot about myself, yes, but what I’m realizing more and more each day is that I don’t have to have a special title to feel validated as a person.

I feel whole and complete when that little dude reaches up for me to hold his hand, or when we sit and read a pile of books together. Happier than any day I gave a presentation or held an important meeting at my former job.

There are sometimes when I feel like I have to savor this time because I know he’s going to grow up so fast. It also makes me question what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life and what other titles I may have in the future.

Will I always be a Maker? Maybe.
Will I always be a Blogger? Probably.
Will I always be a Mom? Definitely.

In life, you can have more than one title and I’m giving you permission to include Crafter, Entrepreneur or Mom in your bio.

 Photo credit: Flickr