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Some people know from a young age what they are passionate about, some of us don’t get so lucky. As we get older it seems harder to figure this out because we have added responsibilities like raising families, jobs, household duties etc. Many times, these added responsibilities cause our focus to get sidetracked and our minds get fogged up with what truly sets our souls on fire.

At whatever point you are in your journey these tips will help clear the mind clutter and get you closer to find what you’re truly passionate about.

How to Work through the Mind Clutter to Find What You’re Truly Passionate About

Core Values
A great place to start to begin figuring out what you’re passionate about is to start with core values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person. These guiding principles determine if you are on the right path and fulfilling goals by creating an unwavering set of guidelines. Think of core values like pillars, these are the foundation of your soul and every decision, be that career, business or life in general should consider these values before making a choice.  Take the time to really think about what matters most to you and write down your core values. This can help clear some of the clutter and serve as a guide throughout your journey. Not sure where to start? This great article from Inc. can help jumpstart the process.

After settling on your core values, meditate or pray about them.
Reflection is key.
Many times, the greatest ideas and thoughts come to us when we are most quiet. This is also an opportune time to think back to your childhood and relive your best memories or things that made you smile.
Try this: Put on a song that reminds you of your childhood. Then make a list of all the things that made you smile, or all the things you were good at and enjoyed.
Maybe you were creative and loved anything to do with drawing, painting or art.
Maybe you enjoyed helping others and volunteered in the community.
Maybe you enjoyed solving problems and looked forward to doing this in school.
Any information you can pull up from the past can really help steer you in the right direction.

If you are spiritual, praying can also help pave a path to clarity.

It’s imperative that in your journey you document as much as possible. So, whether you go “old school” with pen and paper or on an electronic device, jot it down. Anything and everything! It could be related to core values or a memory that comes to you when you’re meditating. Another great thing to do is to begin journaling on a regular basis.  Write about the day’s events or use one of these great journals that come with prompts.

Mind Your Mindset
Many times, we have an idea of what we are passionate about, but we may be scared of starting a new hobby or even trying to figure out if we can start a business with this idea. This can stop so many of us in our tracks. Being in the right mindset is essential because whatever you decide to do with your passion, realize there are bound to be bumps in the road. You’ll probably also get side-tracked and begin to doubt or question yourself etc. It’s all part of the process. Yet, how you handle these bumps depends a lot on your mindset. Maintaining a positive outlook helps! Also, make sure you’re as prepared as possible by reading personal development books, following people on social media that post daily encouragement or quotes and become more aware of moods.

Hire a Coach
I’m a big fan of hiring people to help when needed. Some of us may go through the steps above and still have an unclear picture of what we’re passionate about. If this is you, I highly recommend hiring a life coach. When I was in my mid-twenties going through a Quarter Life Crisis I leaned on someone to help guide me through the rough patches. It was nothing short of amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. (Yes, I did document most of it through blogging!)

Life coaches can help by asking very specific questions about life goals and take a non-judgmental look at your journey.  Many of them will not only help you figure out your passion, where to find true joy, but also guide you toward what to do next and give actionable steps to get there.

To pursue your passion is to discover your purpose  -Adele Leon

Most importantly, be aware that when you pursue a passion you may realize in the end it’s really not for you. IT IS OK! Give yourself some room to explore and try new things. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Go back to the drawing board. Many people think they “failed” and just quit, but this is the time to keep searching. It’s never too late to start over or to go a different direction. Passions and interests can change over time.

*Photo by Glen Noble on Unsplash