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About mid-way through February we went in to meet with G’s teachers for his regularly scheduled parent/teacher review. What a shock it was to hear that in 2 weeks the doors to his school were set to close! I loved his little school and teachers so much, I cried when I heard the news. He sort of understood that his school was closing, but more concerned about seeing his best little friend. Naturally!
Each day I looked forward to walking down the street to pick him up. Pulling Little J in the wagon and then heading over to the park across the street once G was in tow. It was the perfect distance from our house, affordable tuition and they were always so accommodating to our schedule or financial challenges.

A few parents and teachers had the bold idea to try and purchase the school, so the students could continue to attend. Well, long story short the bank didn’t approve that idea and we were left with no school in just a matter of days. Most students transferred to similar preschools (Ours was one of the only Reggio Emilia in Austin and while there are many Montessori schools in the area, I happen to love Reggio) I set up a half a dozen tours of schools and nothing was great. All the schools were just, ok. I don’t want my kids to attend a school that its just “ok”- school is so so important to me. School needs to be awesome!

So, after much contemplation and looking at everything from finances, to my work schedule, debts and where G is in his education we decided that he won’t return to school until the Fall at the earliest. He and J will hang out at home, which means I technically have a new job title: Full-Time Mom!

There are so many activities and events around town I am actually very excited to spend this time with kids. I’m lucky these two get along well, they look to each other for friendship and it’s cute to watch them grow. The bickering over toys will take some getting used to, but c’est la vie.

On the plus side, we have tons of friends to arrange play dates with and family come to town so often there is never a shortage of social interactions.

It’s going to be a job unlike any other I’ve had before, but I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge. I’m sure I will still work, it’s hard for me to do just one thing- let’s be real.

Cheers to all the Full-Time mama’s I adore. I’ll be looking to you for support, sanity and ideas!
Let’s do this.