Tonight I’m co-hosting an event for CRAVE Austin bringing together women entrepreneurs in Austin to learn about smart marketing and PR. I’m exited to debut my new brand and finally get back into teaching, one of my greatest passions.

Now, this isn’t a typical workshop session, its more of a mix and mingle but I wanted to share my handout (download will be available later) as a resource for women in business. Maybe I’ll even turn this into a SlideShare presentation and get some more leverage from this juicy content. Repurposing for the win!

Five Marketing Tips for Any Women in Business

  • Don’t Sell, Offer a Solution

What do your clients need? What will make their lives better, easier or less stressful? Start by listening.  Oftentimes we just try to sell our product or services using the
traditional “Buy now because I’m awesome!” verbage and tactics. Instead, flip it and
offer a solution. We all have problems, so paint a picture of that problem in your
prospective customers mind, then offer your business as a magical solution. It’s really about psychology and appealing to a persons needs. Before a purchase, your customer should be thinking “She’s talking directly to me and I know my life will be better if I buy this!”

  • Find Your Unicorn

What makes your business special? No really… so special that people who don’t even think they need you want to do business with you all the time. Find this and make it your message. Get rid of anything else “fluffy” and focus on your core differentiator.

  • Put Yourself Out There

Talk about your business or idea, don’t hide behind it. When you meet someone at the gym, or at a specific networking event put yourself out there. No one will know about your business unless you talk about it! As women we’re often modest and reserved when we have to talk about ourselves. Get over that fear as soon as possible.
Your customers aren’t going to work with you unless they know you exist.

  • Share Your Story

Participate in digital conversations and take your personality online.
This can be kind of scary if you’ve never dabbled in online marketing- I know. But, there is a whole World Wide Web out there of potential customers that could be right under your nose! Some of the easiest ways include starting a Facebook page, answering
questions on Yahoo Answers or contributing to industry blogs as a guest writer.

  • Collaborate

Nothing great was ever achieved alone. (Read that again.)
Nothing great was ever achieved alone.
Consider working with venues, event planners and other experts in
your industry. Host a small intimate gathering or a larger
formal workshop online, whatever works for your audience.
You can also combine efforts to co-market digitally by writing
an e-book or blog. Get together and brainstorm…

The possibilities are endless! I like to say when
you get in a sales or marketing slump:
Stop, Collaborate and Listen!