It’s been a rough seven days.

Exactly one week ago I was let go from my job.

A dream job. At a company I loved, with people I looked up to and admired.

After this one week of unemployment and not using my brain for someone else’s benefit, I spent a lot of time reflecting, naturally.
And you know what?
Leaving a job is a lot like breaking up.
I feel heavy.

At first I cried my eyes out. It was a shock and unexpected. For one whole day I laid on the couch and sobbed.
I asked myself so many questions like, “Why did this happen? Was is something I did? What could I have done differently? How could this have happened to me?”

Then I got mad. Super angry and disappointed in the situation. Just like when you get dumped by a guy.

I should have seen the red flags! There were so many small hints I overlooked, how could I be so naive?

Most of my time has been spent wandering around the house with my son and moping. I kept saying things like “Why do I feel like a failure and a phoney?” and was generally a hot mess.

I watched countless episodes of Sex and the City (who am I kidding I’m watching more right now. I seem to have missed a few episodes from season 5 and 6- how did that happen?!) and went to the gym almost every day this week.

Exercise has always been good for my soul and mental state. Now, more than ever I feel the urge to prove something, much like after a serious break up with a guy. Sculpting super sexy arms is top priority at the moment.

After going through a brief phase of mourning, it’s time to transition to the Let-Me-Show-The-World-How-Kick-Ass-I-Really-Am phase.


This is where I am now.

Where To Go From Here

Looking back, I should have known something was not right. In my gut things haven’t been sitting well in regards to my career for a few months. But I, being the eternal optimist, tried looking at it from different angles. I made excuses.

I explained to people that it was probably a phase and things would turn around soon. My home life was great, absolutely wonderful, so it didn’t bother me as much that work life was not super awesome.
It was just good enough to make me content.

Everyone keeps asking me what I’m off to do next and honestly… I don’t know.
I’m hurt and need time to heal. I’m not jumping back into a job right away.

I want to hang out with my kiddo and do the things I love, but never had time to do while working full-time.
In November I’m going to Cabo to relax for a few days with some other lovely ladies.
When life gets rough, travel is the best medicine…

Also, I may or may not join a Mastermind group for 2014. That is something I’ve really wanted to do and it seems like a perfect time.

Hopefully, over the next few months my brain can figure out what door to choose next.

Until that time you’ll find me drinking wine, catching up on tv shows, working out, sewing and blogging.

Because just like Carrie Bradshaw claims, everything happens for a reason.