Every year it feels impossible to find the perfect day planner.

I thought I had found it back in 2011 when I received Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Goddess workbook as a gift from a friend. I printed it out, had it bound and excitedly filled out the first three pages.

However, I never opened the book again after those first few days. It just wasn’t right for me. I wasn’t searching for spiritual clarity, I needed to get stuff done!
I wanted a book to help me accomplish goals and teach me something about life/biz balance along the way. From all my searching, I couldn’t find what I was seeking.

So, this year I made my own.

Introducing: My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide



This Calendar + Guide was a magical collaboration between myself and Krystle Lilliestierna, of Paper Fort Studio.  We were introduced by an online friend I met at the World Domination Summit this past summer. Krystle loves working on passion projects and she also creates tons of cool printables and worksheets for female entrepreneurs. It was a great match of both our talents and skills to work together.

The Inspiration

I wanted this guide to include more than just a simple fill-in-the-blank calendar. My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide is a tool to help you organize, yes, but it’s designed to motivate and inspire.
This is why inside the book you’ll read stories from female entrepreneurs who share their wisdom, motivation and what gets them through challenges.


One of my favorite parts of this project was getting to interview 12 seriously savvy women in business to feature each month. This project would have been nothing without them, so thank you to the following ladies for the support and contribution:

Sarah K. PeckEllie Scarborough BrettAmy KerrErin AnackerNicole RossShenee Howard,Cat AlfordErika DillonElysa EllisAkirah RobinsonAshley Wilhite and Krystle herself!

Why You Should Use This Calendar + Guide

When the year is divided into smaller, more manageable pieces it can feel less overwhelming.
Which means you actually get more accomplished with your time!
For this reason My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide is split into four sections:


Each section includes exercises, inspiration and blank pages for planning.
These are designed to help you focus on what matters most so you can answer the question, “What next?”
Because in all honesty, we ask ourselves that question pretty often- right? This book will show you the way.

I could tell you more about the other bits and pieces packed inside this download, but instead, take a sneak peek for yourself here:


I’m really proud of my first collaboration and even more excited about my first product.
It’s so cool to see people actually using the calendar and making progress!
My heart swells every time I hear things like this:


Sometimes, I even run around my house singing and doing a little happy dance (ask my better half or kiddo, they’ll tell you. I’m not even joking.)

If you want to purchase the calendar you can find it at www.mybestyearyet.co. Or, read more about the project on Krystle’s blog and featured entrepreneur Sarah Peck’s blog too.

Also, I just found out later this month the calendar will be available on Brickyard Buffalo’s pop-up shop for a limited time- so keep your eyes peeled! I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s live.

To everyone that helped out along the way, thank you.
Eternal gratitude and hugs.

Now let’s make 2014 great!